Materials shop

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If you ever need some extra materials for special abilities you can purchase them in our shop.

Go to the story menu

Story menu

Story menu button

open the inventory

The inventory button

The inventory button

check out if you need some more units of a particular resource

Antigravity low

Very few units of antigravity matrix remaining

and press the “Buy more” button.

Buy more button

Buy more opens the shop

You will be given the choice of what materials to purchase and you will see the prices for each package.

Pressing on the button next to the desired package will open a confirmation screen

Xel’Ga from our example needs more antigravity matrix units

where you can change your mind about the purchase of go ahead with it.


Confirm your purchase

If you go ahead, you will be prompted with the normal google play purchase popup. After you complete the purchase you will get the materials in your inventory.


Successful purchase message

You will get the materials only in the inventory of the active player! In our example Xel’Ga the Explorer will have 5 minutes of float time for only 0.99$

After purchase

Now he has plenty

You can also watch this video for the whole process (youtube video)

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