Engine overload matrix

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You will encounter this resource first while on your way to Constellation Fornax and then in all subsequent regions.

Engine overload matrix spawn

Engine overload matrix spawn in warp to Constellation Fornax

This resource will allow you to activate a very powerful special ability. Once you collect your first unit of it, a blue icon and fuel bar will appear on the top right corner of your screen.

Engine overload icon

The special ability command button and fuel bar

You can activate the ability by pressing and holding on that icon. Once active, your speed will increase ten times and time will slow down 5 times. Overall, you will appear to be moving twice as fast and your jumps will last 5 times longer. If you activate this ability while you are on the surface of the tunnel you will also jump (without using or needing the specific fuel for it).

Just as with the antigravity matrix, you can only hold this ability for a certain amount of time active. The maximum hold time is 1.5 seconds but since time passes 5 times slower it will feel like 7.5 seconds.

Active engine overload

Effect and remaining duration of engine overload while active

There is also a cooldown of 15 seconds.after the ability is switched off.

Engine overload cooldown

Engine overload has a large cooldown

Use this ability to dive forward over large gaps in the tunnel. Because of the huge gain in speed, landing will sometimes prove difficult. Don’t forget that you can accelerate and slow down as usual and use this to choose a good landing spot.

This is a very powerful but difficult to master ability. Practice it while in free practice.

Engine overload matrix in action (youtube video)

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