Teleportation matrix

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You will encounter this resource in the “Constellation Perseus” region and all regions after it.

Teleportation matrix spawn

A teleportation matrix unit spawned on the way to Constellation Perseus

When you collect the first unit of it a light blue icon will appear on the upper left corner of the screen together with a fuel bar showing how many units of it you have. The bar holds 99 units but you can have up to 2,000 total units in your inventory.

This resource activates a very situation specific ability, namely it allows you to instantly teleport to the other side of the tunnel (on the ceiling). To activate the ability just tap the screen over that image and you will see the teleportation flash. Be warned, if on the other side there is a hole, you will immediately lose the ship!

Wrong teleport

Teleporting with nothing on the other side means death

The ability also has a cooldown of 2 seconds, so you cannot immediately reflip. If timed right however, you can jump, flip and by the time you land back you can flip again for a very visually impressive trick.

Teleportation cooldown

The teleportation special ability cooldown is shown here

Certain tunnels will need this and if you want to conserve your antigravity matrix for situations where you really need them you should be using this ability.

Teleportation matrix in action. Watch the ceiling in the video. (youtube video)

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