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This is the “campaign mode” of the game. You will try to accomplish your mission and meed you fate.

Story menu

Story menu button

At the core of the story mode is of course the successful navigation through many warp tunnels. You will have to be mindful of the resources you find and gather and how you spend them.

You will start at the edge of the galaxy your species inhabits and your first task will be to get to the center. To move from the current area to the next one you will use the “Open Galactic Map” button in the story menu. This will open the galactic map where you will see all the regions you can visit.

First Destination

Your first destination is Constellation Adnromeda

The points marked with red are too far away for you to do anything. What you are interested in is finding the yellow one. That marks an area you can travel too now and since you are at the beginning this will be your next destination. Tap it and you will get the associated menu. You will also see what resources are available there. You can open a warp tunnel to that area by pushing the appropriate button and you will start a new warp immediately. If you complete the run, you will be moved to that area you just selected and the point will turn white on the map.

Second destination

The galactic map after the first successful warp

The white point show your current location. You can move further on now, to the next yellow one.

Third Destination

The map after the second successful travel.

The green points mark locations you have already been to. When you tap one of them you will get the option to respawn there. This means you will abandon your current body and transfer to a new one in that area. For some regions this process is free of charge, for others that you will encounter later on there is a fee. In order to use the respawn service you will have to pay a certain number of “Neural construction matrix”. If you do not have those stockpiled, you will have to travel using warp tunnels. Keep in mind, you can only open a warp tunnel to the regions that are neighboring your current region!

You will not need the neural construction matrix until you get to the Apex, that is the region in the middle of the galaxy, but the regions after it tax you for failing a warp and for respawning.

Even if your consciousness cannot be lost, you can lose your body. If you fail a warp, your body will be destroyed and you will need a new one. The advanced outposts do not have many materials available so if you try to warp and fail, they will require one ore several neural construction matrix, depending on region, or they will refuse to give you a new body. If that is the case, you will respawn to the last region when respawning was free, probably the Apex.

These neural construction matrix resources appear in the Apex region and all the more advanced ones too.

The Apex

The galactic map once you reached the Apex

You do not need to move from a region immediately. If you feel you should gather more resources from the region you are in, you can choose to “Collect materials” from your story menu.

Collect materials

The story menu and an active Collect materials button

This will put you into an infinite warp tunnel where you can collect those resources. Infinite means you will be inside until you lose your ship. For this game mode, the progress indicator will show how much you have to travel to get to a checkpoint. Do not think about the progress bar, you try to do as best as you can.

Almost complete

The progress bar shows you are almost at the checkpoint

When you get to the checkpoint, you will move all the collected resources you have gathered in the run to “the bank” and you will no longer lose them if you die.

When you die, while in a collect materials tunnel or a normal warp tunnel you lose all the materials you collected since your last checkpoint or the beginning of the level. An exception to this rule are the basic materials like the stabilization matrix (break) or the gravity reverse matrix (jump). In short, you lose the rare and precious ones.

Rare resources lost

End game report showing lost resources

After you reach the Apex, start heading out from the center once again. At the outermost regions (up or to the lower right) there are two regions where the precious materials are found. Getting there will prove difficult and once you get there you will have to use the collect materials tunnel to get at least 100 units of the specific material. Prepare lots of neural construction matrix, as you will need them.

After apex

You should try to move to one of these regions next, and further on

You can check your current stock by pressing the “Inventory” button in the story menu. If you find that you are lacking some resource and you do not want to go back to harvest it you can buy more from the store using $ (if you need help, check this out). Special resources cannot be bought from the store, only various “matrix”. The special materials will be listed in the inventory with a red square and their full name. Once you get 100 units the “Haul materials to Apex” option will lit up and you can try getting them back to the center of the galaxy.

Pressing that button will put you in a tunnel starting from the outer region you are in and then, without pause, to the next one, and to the next one, until the Apex. You will have to move through all the tunnels. If you die in this warp, you will lose the materials you brought with you, all 100 of them and you will have to get them again. If you manage to get to your destination, well, congratulations! You will be once again in the Apex, and you can check your inventory. You will see the items you successfully transported. Check out this page for more information.

You will then have to travel back to where you got them and collect 100 more. The target is to get 500 materials transported to the Apex, of each type (Uranium vapor and Crystalline fluoride). The good news is that after you get the first 500, the respawn cost for quick travel will be halved. This is as a reward for successfully completing half of the work.

Halfway done

The Apex inventory with 500 hauled units of uranium vapor

Cheaper quick travel

The effect of hauling the Uranium Vapor is shown here. Quick travel cost is halved

After you complete your mission and get 500 of each special material to the Apex, respawning will not cost more than a simple death. So, for example, if losing a ship in Constelation Octans costs 8 neural construction matrix and the respawn is 80, after you complete half the job the respawn will be 40 and after you complete the game it will drop to 8. The cost of death will remain unchanged however.

After you complete the game, you can try to beat your own records for various regions to be even more awesome! Or you can try to play on the harder game mode, with a fixed camera. If you are interested, check out this page.


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