How to play… in the tunnel

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Before reading, watch this youtube video. After all, one image is better than one thousand words.

At the beginning of the game sequence you will see your ship moving towards the warp gate and portal. After you hit the portal the ship appearance will change, it will start to fall and you will be in control.

All tunnels begin with a small safe area. Safe means there is no way for you to fall. After this safe zone the tunnel will start to be less coherent and holes will appear in various forms depending on the tunnel and area you are traveling too.

Since your ship is attracted always towards the outside of the tunnel, make sure you avoid those holes. If you don’t, you will be forced out of the warp tunnel too soon and you will lose your ship.

You can move sideways or accelerate at any time. There is a fixed maximum lateral speed and you can only accelerate to twice the normal speed. Later on, you will encounter resources in the tunnels that allow you to do many more things. Needless to say, try to pick up as many as you can as they will prove vital later on.

To move sideways, tilt your device sideways in the direction you want to go. The control is fairly intuitive, think of the ball like if it were on top of your screen, tilt the screen right and the ball will start to fall to the right, tilt forward, the ball will accelerate forward.

Right in the first level you will be able to pick up the first and most common resource. This item, called “Warp tunnel stabilization matrix” will allow you to slow down or even stop. To do this, tilt your device back (towards you). Keep in mind that you will use one item for every second you are completely stopped, or proportionally less if you only slow down. When you are out of resources you will immediately start to move with your normal speed. This resource is vital and the game cannot be completed without it.

On your second level you will encounter another priceless resource that will allow you to jump. It is called a “Warp tunnel gravity reverse matrix”. After you pick up the first resource an icon will appear on the bottom right corner showing you how many such items you have available. Every time you tap that icon the ball will jump up and one resource will be consumed. No resources, no jumps! While you are in mid air you will see a yellow ring predicting where you will land with the current speed. You can accelerate or stop while you are in the air and the ring will update to show the new position. Adapt your speed to land where you want to. The gravity reverse matrix is a vital resource for game completion.

There are other resources that you will be able to pickup but those are only needed in certain very specific situations.

At the bottom of the screen you will see the warp completion indicator. When the knob is almost to the right you will see the exit portal. Once you touch that exit portal, while in the air or on the tunnel you are safe.

Check out this video that shows a tunnel run and how the phone should be tilted and moved around to obtain that result.

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