Hero worship

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When you start the game for the first time, a default account is created with the name “default player name”. Of course you will not like that so you can change your name by using the “Change player” button from the main menu.

Change player

Use this button to create a new identity

Type in the name you like and hit ok. The name will update now in the main menu and all other menus.

Each player has it’s own progress throughout the game (in story mode), it’s own inventory and statistics.

The story mode is discussed in a different post (see here) and you can check that out for more information.

The statistics is a reflection of your performance in the game. You can press the statistics button and see information about your performance overall or inside various tunnel.

Statistics button

Clicking on statistics will open the statistics window

You see here the fastest run, the best collection ratio (how many items you collected from the total spawned), the best time for that particular ratio, the top speed inside a tunnel (longer runs have higher speed) and the total distance you played inside that tunnel.


The statistics screen shows your personal records

Only the runs in story mode contribute to the statistics.

Show this data to your friends and see who is best!

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