Gravity reverse matrix

Rotatorix/ August 22, 2017/ Gameplay/ 0 comments

This resource will be available from the third region in the story.

Gravity reverse matrix appearance

4 gravity reverse matrix spawns on the way to the second region

It activates the jumping special ability. When you will collect the first one, a green image will appear on the lower right corner of the screen, with a number above it. Taping the screen on that area will give an impulse to the ball and will cause it to jump up.

Remaining units

The number of available units is shown above the icon used to trigger the jump


From that moment, there will be a fixed amount of time until you land back. While in the air, you can move sideways, break, accelerate or use any other ability except jumping.

Landing prediction

The animation left behind by a jump and the visible landing prediction ring ahead.

Usage and behavior of a gravity reverse matrix can be seen here (youtube video).

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