Free practice!!!

Rotatorix/ August 22, 2017/ Gameplay/ 0 comments

If you do not want to feel the hype of the story mode, fear not. You can play any tunnel in the game by pressing the “Free practice” button.

Free practice button

Free practice button

In the Free practice menu, you can scroll until you find the tunnel you want to play, press the button with the tunnel name and then hit Ok.

Tunnel list

All tunnels are available for free play

By default, you will have unlimited amounts of any resource during free play, and this will allow you to experiment with them at your leisure. However, if you want more of a challenge, you can disable the infinite resources feature by pressing the appropriate button in the free play menu. If you do that, you will start with a small amount of stabilization matrix and gravity reverse matrix (break and jump) and you will have to collect more from the tunnel itself. If you run out, those special abilities will be disabled.

Infinite resources

You will never run out of special ability fuel

Nothing you do during free play counts towards the statistics. No resources you consume or gather affect your story inventory in any way.

This is just for casual gaming. No worries, just speed!

Check out these two different runs, one with infinite resources, one without (youtube video)

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