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In the main menu, you can press the Settings button to configure various elements in the game.

In the window that opens you can press the Sound button (pressed by default) to configure sound settings, Controls or Graphics.

You can configure sound elements: interface is the sound made by the user interface like buttons being pressed, effects are the sounds made when performing actions in the warp tunnel like jumping, flipping or collecting resources, music controls the music volume and finally we have the master volume.

If you press “Controls” you are give the option to recalibrate your device and to switch the view perspective. When the game starts, the tilting is preconfigured for a person standing on a chair and looking down on his device. If you want for example to play the game while lying down on the couch and looking up at the screen you will need to use the forward recalibration option. Use the in game instructions and try to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Changing the view perspective brings you a completely new gameplay. You can play the game from behind the ball (default), from inside the ball (first person) or from the very middle of the tunnel (fixed). You will find that playing the game in the Fixed mode is insanely difficult and can even cause nausea.

See here a short clip of various gameplay modes. (youtube video)

Finally you can tweak some graphics options. By default, the game uses the full resolution your device is capable off and all graphic elements. You can reduce the load on your device by using a lower resolution and disabling some graphic elements. The game is already optimized to run on even low end hardware and turning off things in the graphic section might not have too much impact on performance. At best you can try to lower the resolution if you have performance or battery issues.

Press OK to save all settings.

Note: except for the camera mode all settings are common for all players.



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