Antigravity matrix

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This resource will activate a very useful special ability and it is encountered in the third region you will travel to.

Antigravity matrix spawn

An occurrence of the rare antigravity matrix

When you collect the first item of this type you will get a purple image on the lower left side of the screen and a resource bar under it. The resource bar shows how much of the resource you have available (bank and currently collected in the tunnel). You can activate the ability by pressing and then holding on that image. When you let go, the ability will deactivate.

Float icon

The ability to freeze all vertical movement can be activated by pressing and holding the purple icon.

This will allow you to stop any vertical movement for as long as the ability is active. After it is turned of or expires the vertical movement will continue as if nothing happened.If you activate this ability in mid air, the landing prediction will be updated.

If you activate this ability while on the ground you can safely move over any hole you encounter.


The player moves over a hole without jumping by using the float special ability. Ability remaining time visible on the upper side of the screen.

This ability can only be active for at most 6 seconds, after which it will stop on it’s own. You can see how much time you have left on the top center of the screen, right below your current base speed.

Also, it has a cooldown of 2 seconds, meaning you cannot immediately reactivate it.

Float in cooldown

The float ability icon while in cooldown

It can be a life saver to have these stockpiled as they can prevent you from falling at any time and under any circumstance. The 6 long seconds it can be active will allow you to react to almost any situation.

See this ability in action. (youtube video)

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